Senior Management 

Arif Usmani
President & Chief Executive Officer
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Shahzad Ahmed Karimi
EVP & Principal Staff Officer to President
Ms. Sultana Naheed
SEVP & Special Assistant to the President
Tauqeer Mazhar
SEVP & Group Chief, Retail Banking Group
Asma Shaikh
SEVP & Group Chief, Human Resource Management Group
Hasan Umair Wasti
SEVP & Group Chief, Internal Audit & Inspection Group
Syed Jamal Baquar
SEVP & Group Chief, Corporate & Investment Banking Group
Faisal Ahmed Topra
SEVP & Group Chief, Strategy and Business Analytics Group
Amin Manji
SEVP & Group Chief/Chief Technology Officer, Technology & Digitalization Group
Rehmat Ali Hasnie
SEVP & Group Chief, Inclusive Development Group
Abdul Wahid Sethi
SEVP & Chief Financial Controller, Financial Control Group
Fouad Farrukh
SEVP & Group Chief, Aitemad Islamic Banking Group
Adnan Ally Agha
SEVP & Group Chief/Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Group
Nauman Riaz
SEVP & Group Chief, Compliance Group
Imran Farooqui
SEVP & Group Chief, Operations Group
Muhammad Ismail Usuf
SEVP & Group Head, Treasury & Capital Markets Group
Karim Akram Khan
SEVP / Group Head , Logistics, Communications & Marketing Group
Ms. Mehnaz Salar
EVP & Divisional Head, Legal Division
S.M. Ali Zamin
EVP & Secretary Board, Office of the Secretary BoD